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Meet Our Team of Professionals


Your Nonprofit Guru Team

Lenora Williams

WlliamsLL & Associates, LLC

CEO/Lead Consultant

Lenora Williams is a seasoned nonprofit strategist with more than 20 years of experience providing consulting to emerging and start-up nonprofit organizations throughout California. She has directed, initiated and implemented audit controls and procedures and managed operating budgets of up to $32 million and $40 million in capital project budgets. As Chief Executive Officer for several nonprofits and as City Administrator, Ms. Williams has managed in the City of Oakland and with hundreds of nonprofit agencies an array of administrative functions and procedures which led to the city and nonprofits adopting more streamlined and efficient database systems, implementation of internal compliance systems, accounting procedures, and management tracking systems. She has also managed and supervised a staff of up to 15. Ms. Williams has a Masters in Finance and is a certified Compliance Officer.

Lauren Reed

WlliamsLL & Associates, LLC


Mrs. Reed- Roper is an excellent grant writer. She is a multitasking, multifaceted individual. Ms. Reed-Roper began her career in project services/ civil service, evolving to real estate development and project management services. Managing the complete development of two multifamily developments in the City of Oakland as well as one single family residence rehab in Richmond, CA in 2005 and 2006. Her growing knowledge in this industry along with her educational studies has allowed tremendous growth and the opportunity to contribute her strong management skills and professional expertise in project scheduling, finance and budget administration.

Finding an interest in Finance and Small Business Planning Mrs. Reed- Roper began consulting local small businesses. She specializing in Grant Writing, Small Business Consultation and Project Management.

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